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With “work from home” the increase risk of Cyber Security and need for business to introspect on their Risk management services in India

With “work from home” the increase risk of Cyber Security and need for business to introspect on their Risk management services in India Back

With “work from home” being practiced by many corporates, the increasing threat of cyber security needs to be addressed immediately by business, and the Risk management services in India must be redefined and reformed. 


Companies in Delhi must not waver from seeking risk advisory services in Delhi, since working from home decreases the amount of monitoring and regulation a company can exercise on its technical functioning since the employees use personal devices. Phishing, data breaches, password attacks, manipulation of cloud storage, etc. are common threats.






With “work from home” the increase risk of Cyber Security and need for business to introspect on their Risk management services in India

Risk Advisory Services:


Here are a few reasons why in the past few months risk management services in Delhi and other metropolitans are facing new challenges for the businesses with work from home during a pandemic: -


Increased vulnerability: Employees use personal devices to access highly confidential data many times. The naivety or lack of experience of the employee or simple negligence can put the data at risk of being leaked. At times, such incidents are hard to detect. For hackers, it becomes easier to hack into the personal devices of the employees.


Financial toll: If any data breach occurs or any malware dysfunction takes place, the recovery of data would cost you a fortune. During work from home, such risks are increased since sources that install such viruses in the computer and left unscrutinized given the limitations to accessibility. The compensation that would be given to the affected people would take an extra toll on your back, especially in the state of the pandemic when the economy is crumbling down. 


Credibility: One single incidence of mismanagement of cyber security can permanently taint your position in the market. Whether big or small, the incident would tag along with the name of the company forever. Trust building would require a great deal of investment of resources as well as time. The already established investors and stakeholders might lose immediate interest in your niche, thereby increasing the existing crunch of funds created by the pandemic.


Risk Mitigation and Risk Advisory Services:


As we can see, the business management need to introspect about the risk and then the Risk management services in India in the new normal of work from home is extremely significant. Indian companies, unlike USA companies like Google, Amazon or Microsoft already had flexible work from home hours especially for the women. India this new normal has been thrust due to the pandemic. India has not been ready with new risks linked with this new normal. This new risk mitigation is not only essential for ethics, but also for keeping business customers happy and keep their faith in your niche. A simple mistake would not only make customers dissatisfied but also affect your credibility in the market. 


Whether it is a IT and cyber security firm in Bangalore or Hyderabad providing advisory services in Delhi or the risk management services in Delhi or to any other service provider, it is vital for the businesses to first recognize and then address this threat. 


Additionally, the risk mitigation also involves providing the entities with tools and strategies to ensure improved cyber security. This could be as simple as involving 2-factor authentication and firewall protection. The costs of the change may appear high today but is insurance for a possible high cost cyber fraud in future thus, this aspect of addressing the cyber and IT risk is a priority for each business today.

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